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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Unfortunately the latest iOS does not accept the MoodJooser app any more so it is no longer available.  If you would like to purchase individual frequencies, click HERE.

Background: With a team of programmers, Robert Dursi developed the MoodJooser app, a groundbreaking new iPhone app that uses the latest sound frequency technology to enhance your mood… It’s like having a remote control for your brain!

In 2007, Danish researchers at Copenhagen University made a revolutionary discovery… nerves transmit impulses through sound, not electricity!  Since specific receptors in the brain are responsible for activating the natural chemical and neurological functions, which result in the different “moods” or “brain states” we experience, they can be targeted with the appropriate frequencies.


All substances in the human body, in fact all substances in the known universe, have a signature vibration or “molecular mass”. Once, the molecular mass of a substance has been determined then its specific Hertz (cycles or waves per second) can be mathematically equated. For example, this calculation can be used to target the same mood receptors in the brain as “adrenaline” does, which is one of the components of the “Energized” Joos.


Our Chief Frequency Officer, Robert Dursi has invested over a decade researching, testing and developing a library of hundreds of mood-enhancing frequencies. His proprietary techniques and artistry have elevated him to the top of this important and revolutionary new field.

The available Jooses are;

  • Addiction Free – release your impulsive or repetitive thoughts that lead to unwanted habits.
  • Connected to People – enhance your communications and improve relationships with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Connected to Spirit – enhance your connection with your higher self and higher power.
  • Creative – optimize your mind for receiving new ideas.
  • Energized – increase your physical and mental stamina.
  • Evolved – move beyond your limiting thoughts and beliefs.
  • Fit – balance and energize your metabolism for optimal exercise and diet management.
  • Focused – optimize your mind for concentration, analysis and clarity.
  • Fortunate – overcome your self-limitations to receiving abundance.
  • Happy – Feel better!
  • Motivated – engage your inner drive to accomplish tasks and goals.
  • Relaxed – calm your mind while maintaining awareness.
  • Sleepy – relax your mind and body for better rest.
  • Social – increase your confidence around new people.

The mood you choose is up to you… just “Joose” it!

Listening to MoodJooser is the smart way to get energized, creative, focused, relaxed or even sleep better… simply by listening to a “hummmm”.

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The app is FREE, and for a limited time, the “Energized” and “Relaxed” Jooses are included FREE!

To purchase the full set of frequencies costs just $9.99 (in app purchase)

If you would like to purchase individual frequencies and store them on your computer or mp3 player, go to the Frequencies page and download them for $1.99 each.

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