Voice Print Analysis

Bio-Resonance Analysis and Sound Therapy:

The premise is based on a little known but powerful thesis: that the body is broadcasting a spectrum of frequencies that can be measured in the human voice. This field derives its computational power from a finding by a 19th century German Pharmacist, Alfred Parthiel, that the molecular weight of any substance is equal to its frequency Hertz (Hz) or cycles per second vibration rate. Operating from these two premises, Bio-Resonance Sound Therapy analyzes frequency distributions from the human voice and correlates frequencies with a computerized data base of substances and conditions.

The Bio-Resonance Technique uses a voice analysis software program with an extensive cross-referenced database of nutritional, biochemical, pharmaceutical, herbal, chemical, anatomic and toxic substances and conditions.  This allows the practitioner to select and apply the appropriate molecular frequencies that help the body naturally balance itself back to its coherent healthy state.

The Voice Print: your personal output report

A voice recording is an individual’s “frequency output” and changes depending on their current state of well being.

The current state of the individual may include a recent event such as a car accident, death in the family or sudden illness.  However, even without these events, the user will have their overall state measured and analyzed by the system which will be inclusive of long term ailments or influencing factors that are responsible for their current state of well being.


The individual records 45 seconds of their spoken voice and sends it to FREQix via email for analysis using software specifically created to analyze the frequency patterns emitted.


A report is created from this ‘Voice Print’, which identifies states that are either critical, chronic, dormant or background, on multiple levels such as skeletal, biological, chemical, hormonal and emotional.


The software chooses the specific frequencies needed to rebalance and prescribes their
duration and the order in which they are listened. These individually tailored frequencies are delivered by secure download anywhere in the world.


The user repeats the chosen frequencies daily, weekly or monthly as set out, until balance is restored.

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The process can repeated as often as the user desires, depending on life circumstances, traumatic events or life stage changes.

FREQix is an optimal, non-invasive process to assist with conditions such as PTSD and other specific brain states.

Experience your own Voice Print analysis for $379.


The individual frequencies designed are copyright to Robert A. Dursi through the United States Government Copyrights Office.  Robert A. Dursi is a member of BMI.

DISCLAIMER: The FREQix process is not intended to treat, cure, heal, or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom. The process is intended to facilitate relaxation and auto-calibration of neural oscillations.