1 – Synergetics

“Synergetics: True Health in the Virtual Age”

A book by Robert Dursi, C.N.M.


It’s true that conventional, modern medicine has made great progress and strides in the last five decades that were never imagined hundreds of years ago. Technological advancements such as the MRI and CAT scan are allowing us to look inside the human body and diagnose illness without the need for surgery to do so.

Organ transplants, sophisticated brain surgeries and acute medical care are expanding the horizon of medicine and saving lives. It’s also true that alternative medicine has taken the imagination of the general population into newer realms of speculation about how healing and regeneration can be accomplished. Alternative medicine practitioners have borrowed ideas and methods from the past and have tried to bring them into a newer healing paradigm.

However, more and more people are seeking direction, understandings and treatments for their conditions and ailments outside the boundaries of both the conventional and alternative medical worlds, such as with spiritual or psychic healing, because in spite of all the advancements, ideas and techniques they are still not achieving true and lasting healing of the body, emotion/mind and spirit. They are ending up with a fragmented diminished illness at best or with a continued diseased state that is simply suppressed out of sight for the time being only to manifest in a graver fashion later down the road. This is simply because the premise, principle and foundation of how to achieve true and lasting healing has been incorrect or incomplete.

One portion of the whole human existence (body, emotion/mind & spirit) cannot be left out of the healing formula or a temporary relief is all that can be expected or achieved. The world of medicine is in the midst of the most confusing period of time ever known. We have revolutionary technology and yet disease and suffering continue to escalate. Diseases thought to have been eradicated are back in the mainstream of concern. Bacteria and viruses are developing into newer and more powerful strains that are keeping scientists and researchers in a frantic race for solutions.

Diseases never heard of in the past such as AIDS and HIV are epidemic. Millions of people worldwide are suffering and dying yearly from a multitude of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardio-vascular disease and we can’t seem to do much about it. That’s because the true premise, principle and foundation of what disease really is and how to achieve true and lasting health & healing has been mistaken or not taken at all.

First of all, disease itself and its origin would have to be understood to properly treat or eliminate its presence. Most people, doctors included, believe that disease
is caused by a foreign virus, bacteria or other micro-organism that has invaded the body. This concept was based on “The germ theory” proposed by Louis Pasteur in the 19th century and has been followed by microbiologists and the scientific medical community in general for the last one hundred and fifty years. Therefore, it would seem if this foreign micro-organism in the body can be killed then a true and lasting healing should be accomplished or will it or another germ return with a vengeance stronger than before as scientists and the general population are unfortunately finding out?

If a diseased tissue, body part, organ or gland that’s not functioning properly is in need of correcting, then it might seem that cutting out a portion of the “diseased” tissue, organ or gland or taking out the whole body part should create a true and lasting healing or does it?

These two methods, (killing the germ and/or cutting out the disease) can work at times or in some instances temporarily, but even in the case of infectious disease, until the condition underlying the diseased state has been addressed the problem has not been eradicated and will always return. What is the cause of the disease in the body, emotion/mind or spirit in the first place is what needs to be addressed or as is said, “We could be barking up the wrong tree” with the method of treatment or treatments that are selected.

Pointing a guilty finger at the micro-organism for causing this or that disease and trying to cure the person by killing the germ will never achieve the goal of a true and lasting healing. If the real reason is not addressed and corrected, why the germ found a welcome home in that individual with a disease in the first place, then that person is still a breeding ground for one or another colony of germs to take up residence there. If the underlying reason is not identified as to why a tissue, organ, gland or any body part got to the point of diminished and diseased function in the first place then surely one body part after another will fall prey to the same cause. Most people would love to live a long, disease free, productive and happy life. A life free from prescription drugs with lengthy lists of side effects that tend to require more drugs to counteract. Drugs that don’t actually heal any condition but rather sweep the symptoms of an underlying cause under the carpet so they are just not noticed. Most people would love a life that would not require their body parts to be surgically removed from them or plastic and metal body parts inserted replacing their worn out or diseased ones. A productive life that would not be impaired by this or that debilitating condition leaving them not much more than a basket case in their senior years.

With these and many more monumental concerns it’s no wonder why people are seeking a better way and are willing to try just about any new system claiming to have the answer. They are also willing to buy and read any magazine with articles on meditation, love power in healing cardio-vascular disease or any books on diets, fitness, self improvement or any other method of escaping the statistics that are very literally scaring them to death.

“Synergetics” (True Health in The Virtual Age) is a comprehensive, easy to follow health and healing book explaining and teaching people not only why disease is ravaging them individually, their families, friends, loved ones, as well as the whole world. It not only explains the cause of disease but also the healing of disease and the healing of the whole person on the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual levels.

The benefits of these accomplishments can be summarized as the opportunity to live ones life to its fullest expression and potential without the slightest obstacle interfering with that expression.

“Synergetics” will unveil the full expression of true health, healing and happiness.

First, it covers the dilemma, problems and subjects we’re all confronted with such as the overwhelming diseases and their statistics, modern life difficulties, stress, pollution and toxicity, the over-farming of crop lands, the over eating yet under- nourishment of the average person and the ramifications they have to us all. It also gives the reader hope and encourages them toward the path out of these difficulties. Millennium, (muh LEHN ih um), according to the World Book Encyclopedia, means any period of 1,000 years, but it is also used to refer to the period mentioned in the New Testament book of Revelation (20:1-6) as the time when holiness will prevail throughout the world.

Medicine is a word that most think of as some drug taken to alleviate an ailment in the mind or body, but has a much broader meaning. Medicine also refers to the methods which are used to prevent, cure, or relieve disease, save life, create efficiency and generally increase happiness in the world.

When a person is ill, he or she tends to devote full attention to that illness in the pain and/or disabling effects brought on by that illness.
True health is the full expression of one’s life without a single thought of illness interfering or limiting that expression.

The burning desire in the hearts of men and women to seek and find the “TRUTH,” i.e., the answers to who am I, what am I, where have I come from, why am I here and where am I going… are at the foundation of the following stories and subjects contained in this book as they relate to individual health specifically and the health of our civilization in general. In that sense, this book is philosophical in nature.

An understanding of the relationship between where medicine came from, where it is going and the above spiritual definition of the period of time we are embarking on (millennium), as well as the desire to find the “truth,” is of utmost importance in finding solutions to the everyday dilemma called illness or disease in body, mind and spirit wherever it can be found to exist.

The last fifty years in the study of medicine have led to a virtual dead end as far as conclusions concerning the above questions. Scientific researchers have found themselves in a frantic race to keep ahead of newer and newer strains of bacteria, viruses, as well as diseases that were once thought to have been eradicated.

A startling grass-root’s movement is in the making, taking its shape and momentum from the frustration being experienced by the masses regarding their own health, their families, friends, loved ones and communities, extending to national and international economic ramifications.

This movement has taken on the importance of popular cultural significance, finding its way to the media in all forms, magazines, books, radio, the Internet and mainstream television programing.

The following pages are meant to guide the reader into an understanding of the underlying principles and paths taken from the beginning of civilization to the present regarding the motivational forces behind those directions that were taken, as well as the proper incentives that propel the directions that are being taken in the field of medicine and life in general.

From the historical perspective of ancient medical methods to the newest scientific medical breakthroughs to the more esoteric Synergetics approach, which is at the heart of this book, readers will leave with understanding and better able to determine their own proper courses of action for their own well-being as well as contribute to the well-being of the entire world we all share.

When the mission of “Synergetics” was defined, with the above questions as a guidepost, the intentions were not to “rehash” medical subjects which have had much written about them, but to present in one book a fresh approach with a synthesis of the newest insights into who we are, what we are, why we are where we are, where we came from, and the answers to where are we going.

If properly understood and applied, Synergetics (the doctrine that the human will cooperates with the Divine Spirit in the work of regeneration) is the necessary, fully positive, win-win formula that can and will lead and sustain us into the future with true health individually and as a civilization.

Readers will not only experience stories which led this author to the conclusions brought forth in this book, but will also find understandings and the tools to lead a life of well-being not experienced prior to their adventure into Synergetics.

The regeneration (cleansing, clearing and unblocking) of biological, mental, emotional and spiritual genetics thus allowing synergy (cooperation and union) with the full unobstructed manifestation of the essence of life (the Divine Spirit).

May the book be an inspiration and guide for the reader, leading to a healthier and happier life here and now and throughout Eternity.