3 – The Sacred Garden

The Sacred Garden (of Love and Family)

A book by Robert Dursi, C.N.M.

sacred garden

This book is about the relationships that we all experience on a one to one level, friends, relatives, spouses and all others we come in contact with. As we express ourselves to the one person in front of us we are then expanding outward to the whole world. It’s about cleaning up our own backyard first.

I’m using the analogy of the Garden of Eden as the premise of how, in the purity in that garden, everything was “so called” perfect. No duality of disease, struggle, pain, lack and disturbance in general. That was God’s original design for us… perfection, bliss and unity, peace, love and happiness without discord!

It was the separation from what God originally designed for us, by our own free will (another gift from God), starting with the serpent tempting Eve. The acceptance of the temptation and lies started and continues to this day by perpetuating the separation and other than what God designed for us all.

How we perpetuate the separation from the Garden is by playing into the genetics (sins of the father) passed on by Adam and Eve as the source of all procreation.

We have inherited the separation from God and God’s Divine Intention which was the Garden! He did give our ancestors the free will to choose and they did, as the story goes, but also noting that we still have free will!

Unless we understand that point, we will continue to struggle and pass on to our next generations the struggles described as what would come to us with separation from God’s will in the Sacred Garden.