2 – Infinite Health

“Infinite Health” Synopsis (Quantum Medicine)

A book by Robert Dursi, C.N.M.

(A new and powerful healing paradigm beyond conventional and alternative medicine)

infinite health

About the Book

This new book by Robert Dursi, a Holistic Health Counselor from Santa Monica, California, and co-author of “The New Millennium Diet Revolution” with Keith DeOrio, M.D., will unveil the full expression of true health, healing and happiness.

First, he covers the dilemma, problems and subjects we’re all confronted with such as the overwhelming diseases and their statistics, modern life difficulties, stress, pollution and toxicity, the over-farming of crop lands, the over eating yet under-nourishment of the average person and the ramifications they have to us all. He also gives the reader hope, encouragement as well as providing the path out of these difficulties.

The reader will learn the theory of Quantum Energy Medicine and how it’s applied to their daily lives through different levels and techniques. It discusses the concept of “Life Force Healing” through Quantum Energy Medicine delving into an understanding that the essence of all existence is at the Quantum level (sub atomic) and how it manifests outwardly to health or disease summarized as the Frequency Quantum MatrixTM from the foods they eat, the nutritional supplements needed (from vitamins to herbs), to the most cutting edge fitness/exercise vibration technologies.

Then on through the subtler energy medicines such as homeopathy, acupuncture, aroma therapy and to Bio- resonance sound frequency therapy. (a highly technical software using digital voice analysis with an extensive data bank of nutritional, biochemical, pharmaceutical, herbal, chemical, anatomic and physical conditions where by custom frequency treatment solutions are created).

Next, the book explains the mind/emotion and spirit connection. He defines how physical manifestations of disease can be traced through specific bones, muscles, organs and glands to an emotional/mental disorder and spiritual discordance and explains how to balance and neutralize these disorders with a specific, easy to practice concept called the Frequency Quantum Matrix SolutionTM.

Next, he explains why both conventional and alternative medicine is limited in their approach when attempting to achieve true and lasting healing. He discusses the problems with the specialization of doctors and alternative practitioners in the treatment and healing of the whole person. He covers the good and bad of synthetic drugs, surgery and technology, the error of treating the symptoms of disease versus the cause, the indiscriminate and unwise use and abuse of drugs, herbs and nutritional supplements. He then maps out the path and plan to overcome these obstacles.

Next, he explains the history and philosophy of the “Balance Concept,” the “Terrain Concept” and the “pH Balanced Terrain Concept.” He explains how these concepts are the foundation on which to then build the plan and path to true and lasting health and healing.

Then, he takes the reader into the physical realm of their being answering in a simple and easy to understand method what foods are best for them and why, what diet or diets are the best for them. He discusses the current “trend” diets and what’s good and bad about them. He covers what nutritional supplements they should take and what they‘re for and presents an easy to follow protocol for the average person as well as specific supplements for particular conditions such as Candida, Allergies, Depression, Intestinal and Digestive Disorders, Inflammation, Blood pressure and more. He discusses what common sense lifestyle habits should be developed and what exercises are good for them including the most cutting edge exercise technology in the fitness field.

He then gently but precisely walks the reader through the mental/emotional realms of their existence and explains how to determine, trace and heal any disorders within those realms.

It explains how the spirit, inner voice and consciousness of a person are reflected in mental/emotional and physical behavior. It identifies the cerebral mind as the seat of intellectual information gathering, self perpetuating itself through the individual ego and onward towards emotional repression manifesting physical and emotional side effects as disease. A contemplative meditation practice developed by Dursi is explained in a simple and easy to follow format. This meditation allows and promotes consistency from the inner consciousness of the individual to the outer expression of their daily lives.

It helps people become immune to the stresses and influences of the world that cause the action, reaction, physical, emotional/mental and spiritual roller coaster ride most people are trapped in. It teaches how to release unwanted burdens such as anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, sorrow and resentment thus unblocking the obstacles to peace, harmony, contentment, prosperity and health and healing on all levels of their being, (body, mind/emotion & spirit).

The book then guides and helps the reader understand and incorporate the total system into their daily lives from the foods consumed, nutritional/herbal supplementation, fitness/exercise and mind/emotion/spirit viewing them all as sound and light Quantum expressions. It also discusses the importance of attitude, love, patience, cooperation, kindness, compassion and charity within them individually and how to develop and practice these and other positive attitudes and attributes in their outward expression to family members, friends, fellow workers and everyone they come in contact with and beyond.