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The Living Matrix

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The Living Matrix

The New Paradigm of Medicine.

There are many components to the general term….energy medicine.  A few examples can be; the standard technologies that use radiation (X rays) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to the more esoteric versions such as energy and spiritual healing where the practitioner emits energy through the hands, Homeopathy, where the ancestral emotional disturbances (called Miasms) that create an outward manifestation of a diseased state is resonated back to its original harmonious state with ‘subtle’ remedies, or other vibrational resonance quantum/spiritual level techniques with technology involved or not.


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The Age of Virtuality & Regenerative Health

Robert Dursi on Awakening Zone with Karen Elkins  (Sept 2014)


The doctrine that the human will cooperates with the Divine Spirit in the work of regeneration

-Spiritual definition-

A bodily organ or medicine that cooperates with another or others in the work of regeneration.

-Biological definition-

The regeneration, cleansing, clearing and unblocking of biological, mental, emotional and spiritual genetics thus allowing synergy (cooperation and higher union) with the full unobstructed manifestation of the pure essence of life (The Divine Spirit).

Remember… The final door to enlightenment (salvation) only has a handle on the inside! But, we can humbly knock and patiently wait!